“I was born and raised in the small fishing village of Sag Harbor, on the eastern end of Long Island.  When I was young I began singing and playing the guitar at school, at home, at church, and at the beach.  Singing and writing songs helped me to find my voice in the world and it helped to bring people together.  Music is one of life’s most powerful gifts.”


“As a teacher,  music became a wonderful tool to share with our students.  At school we use the positive power of music to begin each day as a school family.  Shared song builds community and brings us through storms, tragedies, joysand celebrations.   Each day I have the opportunity to see music lift spirits and bring people together.”


“I am an ordained interfaith minister, studying and honoring the world’s wisdom traditions and weaving them together to create meaningful ceremony.  As an interfaith minister I am able to bridge the sacred and the secular, celebrate diversity, and individualize spiritual celebrations.”

               Nancy is writing a series of articles for a local publication.  Read the first in the series “Home: A Daughter’s Memoir”

“Songs for Growing ~
In My Backyard and In My Schoolyard”

A new CD, created for families, is comprised of original songs
that will make you want to sing and dance along!


Teaching Tools for Educators
Find Nancy’s interactive teaching units at “TEACHERS PAY”

“I have seen no greater joy in a child than when they sing and dance. They lay down their worries and their inhibitions and become part of a musical force that seems to fill them up with smiles.  Children instantly become part of the team, the group, the community  ~  creating a song or a dance
that joins them as one.”
      N. Remkus


Nancy led the Morning Program assembly at Sag Harbor Elementary School for more than twenty years. Each school day, Nancy welcomed the children with song and enthusiasm. Our mornings began with singing and smiling as all joined Nancy in traditional favorites and many of her own magical songs.

Ms. Remkus possesses a great talent to beautifully sing and play, but also has a special gift of enhancing each song with a thoughtful message, integrating points about being kind, sharing, loving; being children and people of strong character.

In an era when schools feel the pressure to keep up with ever-changing standards and curricula, many find it difficult to spare the time to speak with children about the importance of being people of strong character. Thanks to Ms. Remkus the educational experience at Sag Harbor Elementary School always included important discussions and reflection on being responsible, caring for others, and thinking of those in need.

Every school would benefit from time spent with Ms. Nancy Remkus.

M.Malone, Principal, Sag Harbor Elementary
“As a songwriter, musician and teacher, Nancy’s natural ability and instincts join children and music in the most profound way. Nancy captures her audience by selecting music and stories that teach an understanding of the world-historically-socially and emotionally. Nancy’s songs and their melodies open the hearts and minds of every listener.”
D. Denon, Vice Principal, Sag Harbor Elementary School